Antifouling as an Absolute Necessity

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Antifouling as an Absolute Necessity

april 3, 2018 Prosti čas 0
Ultrasonic boat antifouling

Boating is supposed to be all about fun. It is about sailing, wild speeding and feeling the wind. The additional duties that come along with it are not fun though and might annoy a lot of of people. Your boat needs to be cleaned regularly, your gear needs maintenance and your engine needs to be checked regularly. What is more, the dreaded boat antifoul needs to be applied every once in a while – and it takes ages to do it. Every captain knows that it takes an unbelievable amount of time to put on a proper amount of boat antifoul, so many may be wondering if this really needs to happen.

Why boat antifoul is not optional

Foiling on your boat is not something that you want. It will slowly impact the structure of the material. The quality will decrease significantly if you do not do anything about it. What is more, your gas bill will be higher and your absolute speed lower. Because you want those things to be the other way around, you might want to consider scraping the foiling off your boat.

How to make it easier for yourself

Antifouling with paint and copper is tedious. Nobody will blame you if you are not willing to do it. Luckily there is a solution. Antifouling with no fuss, known as ultrasonic boat antifouling transmits vibrations which will prevent foiling from growing on your boat. Consequently, thanks to ultrasonic boat antifouling, there will be no need to repaint it regularly, or ever, for that matter. So with the help of ultrasonic boat antifouling, you will be able to relax and forget that you used to have so much work with it. Boating will continue to be all about fun and your life will get much, much easier.