Bovec, the perfect tourist destination

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Bovec, the perfect tourist destination

12 februarja, 2019 Splošno 0
Canyoning Bovec

Bovec is a relatively small town in the northwestern part of Slovenia. But it’s far from boring and forgotten – during the summer, it becomes the focus of tourism in this part of the country. It’s known for great and all-encompassing tourist offer, including accommodation, culinary options, and above all – many adrenaline activities!

What is the best spot for rafting? Bovec. Soca River offers the best possible courses for rafting and kayaking, so it’s no wonder these are the most popular choices for many visitors. Not only because of the natural advantage, but also due to the well developed tourist offer, you would struggle to find better spot for rafting. Bovec, Soca, and other factors make up for an unbeatable experience. You can even plan your whole trip around rafting and not be bored a minute of it! It’s very well taken care of with numerous programs and various experiences that offers for rafting Bovec. Soca is dynamic and fast in some parts, but slow and forgiving in others, and the courses are set to suit all kinds of visitors.

Not into rafting? Bovec offers a wide variety of other activities. There is especially one worth mentioning – canyoning. Bovec is the prefect destination for canyoning as well. This activity offers a wide variety of possibilities, as there are several attractive canyons around the town. Canyoning Bovec is the experience to try if you want to withdraw into pristine nature and try the challenges of narrow gorges and dynamic streams. All that is on offer for canyoning, Bovec has multiple tourist agencies that take very good care of their customers and organize unforgettable canyoning trips. There are loads of options to choose from, with no less than six popular canyons with guided tours.