Entertainment in the Soca Valley

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Entertainment in the Soca Valley

4 julija, 2019 Prosti čas 0
Rafting Bovec

The Soca Valley is becoming well-known for its entertainment options that attract visitors from the whole Europe and even from farther around the world. Nobody can really try everything that’s on offer here, but even just one or two experiences will leave a lasting memory.

Adrenaline sports

Adrenaline sports are a trademark of the Soca Valley, especially Bovec and other towns in the upper part of the river. There are many choices available, for example kayaking and rafting. Bovec offers various options in every case. For rafting, Bovec offers guided group tours, equipment rentals, transportation, and various package deals. Soca River kayaking is also enabled by the agencies that offer tours and equipment rental, even though many experienced kayakers choose to go on their adventure alone. Also, Soca River kayaking is done on other parts of the river as well, so the offer is not so concentrated as with rafting – Bovec is the centre of rafting and other adrenaline sports, but Soca River kayaking can also be done in other regions.

Music festivals

The Soca Valley is just as well known for its music festivals, which are very attractive for domestic and foreign visitors. One of the largest events is the metal festival that features world-famous lineups and attracts thousands of metalheads each year. There are also punk-rock festivals, reggae festival, EDM festival and other events that make the summer months extremely attractive for everyone.

Other options

There are many other options for entertainment in the Soca Valley. Each of the larger towns has its own life with various events going on throughout the summer. The culinary offer is especially worth mentioning, as well as interesting historical sights. Of course, a lot of entertainment can be found in the nature, with the valley providing perfect surroundings for all kinds of activities.