Exciting activities on the Soca river

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Exciting activities on the Soca river

16 oktobra, 2020 Splošno 0
Rafting on Soca river

If you’re choosing the destination for your next trip based on the offer of outdoor activities, you definitely have to include the Soca river valley among the most attractive options. The river itself is beautiful, complete with the wider surroundings, but the activities on the river and above it are the main reason to visit this place. There are many exciting activities to choose from.

Many choose rafting on Soca river, as it is both the most popular and the most promoted activity. Virtually every tourist agency in the towns on the river banks will have Soca rafting in its offer. And with a good reason – rafting on Soca river is a unique experience that will impress even the most hardened adventurers. It’s definitely worth trying if you find yourself in the Soca valley. There are different guided courses available, ideal for a social and cooperative experience or a more relaxed and scenic tour. Rafting on Soca river offers something for everyone. 

Maybe you’d rather withdraw deeper into the pristine nature of the Soca valley. That’s possible if you choose Soca canyoning, which can be even more exciting and interesting activity. It’s a complete adventure, including many natural obstacles and challenges. Soca canyoning will challenge your physical ability and skills, as well as courage and determination. But above all else, it’s a fun and exciting outdoor activity, suitable both for groups and individual adventurers. You can expect a great experience, as Soca canyoning is also available in a variety of options.

There are many other activities to choose from. Short trip to the Soca valley will not do it justice, it’s worth staying for a bit longer to explore everything this part of Slovenia has to offer – it will impress even the most experienced adventurers.