Ideal options for rafting and kayaking

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Ideal options for rafting and kayaking

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Soča rafting

Slovenia is one of the popular choices among European tourists, especially in summer when all kinds of outdoor activities become viable. If you really want to take advantage of the environment, choose the Soca Valley! It offers a wide variety of activities that can only be done outdoors – the Soca river is crucial in providing the ambient and also the medium for different kinds of activities, especially kayaking and rafting.

Soča rafting

Rafting is very common on the Soca river. No wonder, as the river is really ideal for this activity. Most of the rafting tours are done in the upper part of the river, where the flow is faster and rafting more exciting. There are rapids, falls, and drops, turns and other challenges along the way. Soča rafting is not just a sightseeing tour, it’s a thrilling and challenging adventure that will leave a great memory. 

With a wide variety of guided tours on offer, Soča rafting is also suitable for complete beginners. It is, after all, a social activity that is best enjoyed in a group. 

Soca river kayaking

The river is just as well suited for kayaking. Actually, Soca river kayaking is even better for those that want to really discover all the natural beauty of this part of the country. Kayaking can be done on different parts of the river, you don’t necessarily need rapids or other features to make it interesting. That’s why Soca river kayaking is enjoyed by a wide variety of people – even the adventurers that want to explore the river on their own.

Soca river kayaking offers a wide range of thrilling experiences. Some enjoy a peaceful tour and sightseeing, others go on longer tours, some even compete. Everything is possible with a great foundation that the river offers!

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