Nevidni aparat za zobe invisalign za popoln nasmeh

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Nevidni aparat za zobe invisalign za popoln nasmeh

2 februarja, 2020 Splošno 0

When we are adults, it is very difficult to wear a dental appliance, mainly because people do not expect you to do so, and it is also nice that you may later get negative comments about the decision, or even because of a slightly different look However, these things completely avoid the innovative dental device invisalign , which, as its unique name implies, is completely invisible and therefore completely invisible. When wearing invisalign, there are no signs that they are typical of a traditional appliance, but care is taken not to consume too many beverages that contain a substance that could stand a particular appliance, such as coffee or real teas. Um … why are there more appliances? Because it is invisalignthis invisible tooth repair technique is a recording device, which means that in order to radically change the shape of the bite in the oral cavity, you also need a bit more apparatus to do this, so each invisalign is worn for several days until it no longer feels like it. he presses his teeth, and then swaps it for the next one.

How to replace a tooth in the event of trauma or loss?

When someone loses a tooth, it is most important to first evaluate the function of a tooth without a single tooth, as this can tell a lot about how urgent the replacement is. If it is a front tooth, you can always expect it to be replaced and the most common are dental implants . Dental implants or implants are a dental repair technique in which a foundation or implant is later inserted into the jaw using a surgical procedure, to which the crown is later placed. This method of tooth repair is ideal for replacing individual teeth, and with the development of dental techniques , dental implants have become a much less arduous way of replacing teeth, so more and more doctors are opting for this technique.Dental implants they are permanent and will most likely never be removed from your jaw.