Pick the right town in the Soca valley

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Pick the right town in the Soca valley

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Pick the right town in the Soca valley

When visiting the Soca valley, it’s important to pick the right town. Sure, it’s great to admire all the little towns and villages along the way, but if you’re staying for a while and want to ensure the best experience, your starting point is of utmost importance.

Think about the activities

Most of the visitors flock to Bovec, which is a great choice for everyone looking for adrenaline activities such as rafting, kayaking, or canyoning. Bovec has a great offer of guided tours, as well as various accommodation options, great culinary offer, and all the accompanying offer that tourists seek. But the main attraction are the adrenaline activities, the most popular among those is Soca rafting. Bovec is the most popular starting point for rafters – not just because of the ideal location in the bend of the upper part of the river, but because of great options of transportation offered by the local agencies. For Soca rafting, Bovec offers a wide variety of guided tours in complete packages, including transport and equipment rental. That’s what you want your town to provide if you’re after unique experiences in this part of the country. Of course, it’s not just Soca rafting, Bovec provides great opportunities for other activities as well.

One of the rising stars is canyoning. Bovec is the best choice for canyoning – it has several attractive canyons with streams and rapids, ideal for an interesting exploration. Canyoning comes down to the environment – you need a perfect place to really enjoy it. That’s why for canyoning, Bovec is the recommended starting point. Again, there will be transport and some canyons might be a bit remote, but that’s exactly why they offer such a great experience. Definitely worth checking out if you’re after something unique!

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