Seeking Adrenaline

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Seeking Adrenaline

julij 11, 2018 Splošno 0
Soca rafting

An adrenaline rush can be extremely addictive, or so they say. Some people constantly seek the thrill that comes with exciting situations that cause adrenaline levels to rise. While adrenaline is often connected to extreme sports such as Soca rafting or Bovec canyoning, it does not always need to be like that. Adrenaline junkies come in a milder form as well. They are the people that perform best in stressful situations, the ones that seem to always be surrounded by drama and the ones that overfill their schedules, not giving themselves a single minute to breathe. We see a lot of such people in our day-to-day life, but we rarely think of them as adrenaline junkies. For most, adrenaline junkies are risk takers, that often put their lives in danger. They go bungee jumping from the biggest bridge, they go Soca rafting and Bovec canyoning in the coldest river or they go scuba diving in the biggest depths of the ocean. To them, an adrenaline rush is like a drug, so they try different activities to try to satisfy their need for adrenaline. When they finish with Soca rafting and Bovec canyoning they go straight to skydiving and after that, they might try rock climbing. All of this, in the search of the hormone of danger. With the release of adrenaline, our bodies switch into a state of action. We get stronger, faster and more sturdy, just like transforming ourselves into a superhero mode. The thrill of becoming a better version of ourselves is reasonably addictive. Continuously performing extreme sports thus becomes an understandable reaction to adrenaline exposure and not a crazy habit for crazy people. Yes, extreme sports can get unsafe, but seeking the rush might start to seem entirely reasonable to anyone who has ever been the victim of an adrenaline addiction.

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